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Brownwood Public School empowers you with excellence in academics, values, and co-curricular experiences. Let your journey begin here.

The leadership team at Brownwood Public School taking an oath.
a group of kids hosting the Indian Flag.
A view of Brownwood Public School's building.
director's Message

Sweetness and Light

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to share that Brownwood School is transcending to new heights with each passing year. With a clear vision of our Founder – Jb. Syed Iftikhar Hussain, we focus only on quality education and building character.

I feel blessed and honoured to lead this reputed institution of Saharanpur with a dedicated and highly competent team of staff members. The invaluable trust of our parents , blessings of well-wishers and most importantly our loving students continues to add laurels to the School.

We, as a team, remain committed to deliver on the values and culture entrusted to us by our dear founders so as to build the next generation of Brownwoodians.

Kind Regards,

A photo of Safiya Suboohi, Director of Brownwood Public School.
Suboohi Iftikhar (Alig)
Director ( Brownwood School)
Former President AMU Association Saharanpur

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A view of Brownwood Public School's building.

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