A photo of school's faculty.
Kid's participating in the morning assembly.
A view of Brownwood Public School's building.
School's organogram.
School Organogram

The School believes in team effort and has well defined responsibilities of every staff member with monthly reviews and assessments. We hire trained staff who not only have degrees but the passion and knowledge to make a change. Periodic teachers workshops are arranged so teachers remain abreast to new methods of teaching.


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  • Subject Specific
  • Generic CBPS
  • Adolescence Education
  • NEP
  • Learning Outcomes & Pedagogies
  • Art Integration
  • Story Telling Pedagogies
  • School Health & Wellness
  • Life Skills

At Brownwood Public School, learning isn't just for students – it's a continuous journey for our dedicated teachers as well. We believe that the best educators are lifelong learners, constantly seeking new ways to engage, inspire, and empower their students. That's why we actively encourage and support our teachers in attending a variety of engaging CBSE workshops.

By actively participating in these workshops, our teachers stay at the forefront of educational advancements, bringing the latest knowledge and effective techniques back to their classrooms. This dedication to continuous learning ensures that Brownwood students receive the highest quality education, grounded in innovative approaches and delivered with passion and expertise.

Ultimately, Brownwood's commitment to teacher development benefits everyone: our teachers, our students, and our entire school community. We believe that by investing in our teachers' growth, we are investing in the future of education, one exciting lesson at a time.

Guest And Dignitaries

Parade at Brownwood Public School.
A photo of school's director welcoming a guest.
A photo of school's principal starting the annual sports day.

We invite guests and dignitaries from various walks of life for motivating students  and help them develop real life skills. Some of the notable guests are:

  • District Magistrate, Saharanpur
  • Mr. O.P Verma, ADM- E, SAHARANPUR
  • Shri Ashish Kumar, IAS, Vice Chairman, SDA
  • Ms. Ghazal Bharadwaj, IAS, Municipal Commissioner, Saharanpur
  • Mr. Syed Farooq, Eminent Industrialist, New Delhi
  • Mr. Qaisar Shamim, Ex Head Waqf Council, New Delhi
  • Mr. Umar Ali Khan, MLA, Behat, Saharanpur
  • Mr. Haji Fazlurrehman, Member of Parliament, Saharanpur
  • Jb. Qazi Rasheed Masood, Ex Cabinet Minister
  • Mr. Rihan Khan Suri, Professor and Head, Center for Entrepreneurship, Jamia Millia Islamia
  • SSP of Saharanpur District
  • Mr. Majid Jameel, Dean, College of Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia